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Educational Services

CARES clinic

Contact us or call 512.245.7892 for more information.

The Clinic for Autism Research, Evaluation and Support (CARES) at Texas State University-San Marcos offers educational programs for individuals with autism and related developmental disorders. Educational services are based in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).

ABA is the application of techniques and principles that address socially important behaviors through systematic educational methodology. The purpose of ABA is to improve behaviors such as academics, social skills, communication, challenging behavior, and adaptive living skills. ABA is supported by over 50 years of research and hundreds of published peer-reviewed studies showing its effectiveness with individuals with autism. It is also considered an Established Treatment as defined and recognized by the National Autism Center and has gained support and status from many state legislatures as a therapy that required to be covered by various insurance agencies.

A variety of evidence-based and promising ABA practices will be used during educational sessions. These practices may include discrete trial training, incidental teaching, use of visual supports, functional communication training (FCT), video modeling, social stories, social skills training, reinforcement, and prompting and fading procedures. Individual progress will be monitored daily and the program will conclude with a summary report and graphs. All sessions will be supervised by CARES faculty and staff who have Board Certification in Behavior Analysis (BCBA).

Consulting and Professional Development

CARES offers a variety of consulting and professional development opportunities. These include

  • District or agency-wide autism program evaluations
  • On-going behavioral supports and programming
  • Individual case consultation
  • Grand rounds consultation
  • BCBA supervision
  • Professional development workshops

For more information, contact:

The CARES Management at 512-245-7892